I didn't abandon you, I swear!

[Lily Allen: Harper's Bazaar Russia, January 2010]

I want to first thank all the readers who take the time out to comment and read my blog on the regular.....(it means the world to me) A majority of the comments are very sweet and useful for a more successful blog...So thanks again for your feedback! As a courtesy im always visiting your sites in return and commenting/ following (if time permits). So lookout 4 me... ; )

The past few weeks for me have been HECTIC, ....my apologies for the lack of posts! I missed my blog so much!!! ; ( Im not the biggest fan of mobile updates so i opted out from using it. Ive noticed my posts are much prettier and well organized when done from the computer...so i sacrificed the quantity of them for the QUALITY! lol

Currently, I have alot of personal obligations going on so i'm not going to be able to post as frequently as I used to...However,I will most likely be updating once or twice every other week...This is just a temporary thing for the next couple of months... : /

Well I hope to hear from you sexies soon...Please continue to visit, comment, and let your fab friends know about Primadonnaville.

Miss Z


kam. said...

First of all,
Congratulations that you came back! Because day after day i was visiting your blog , and i found - nothing. So it was sad a bit, because i miss your post.
And today - it's a big day, because i found your new post and he's gorgeous.
I like Lily Allen here, because she looks so beautiful, and i think harper's bazaar makes the most interesting photo-shoots ever.

with love,

Marine said...

she looks so perfect. she's amazing as a singer AND as a model.