Welcome to the Wild Wild West...

I'm really feelin this D&G collection....I love the rawness and the faded brown leather... So cute! [Spring 2010 Milan Fashion Week]

D&G {cont}

[Spring 2010 Milan Fashion Week]

Blumarine Fills Cotton Candy Fantasies

I liked just these looks the tie die was a little too much for my taste... Also, I think thus far this is the most prettiest, mature look Chanel Iman has displayed on the runway! Welcome to Milan Fashion Week~ I'll be posting my faces from last weeks shows all wk... : )


Can u Guess who This is?!

It's none other than.....Eva Longoria Parker posing for the Fall 2009 issue of Citizen K. This is why I love photoshoots soo much! You pretty much have the ability to morph into any character you'd like (courtesy of hair, makeup, wardrobe, scenery, talented photog, and a fierce attitude for your character)...I'm def digging the futuristic flow of the spread, you have to admit Mrs.Parker is pretty much unrecognizable! Bravo'

40 Something + a Freakum Dress

Dear beauty gods, can I please look like this when I'm in my 40's?! idk how these older ladies do it... But I pray I have the body still to pull off a freakum dress then.....Vivica Fox @mr.chows

Roksanda Ilincic

Roksanda Ilincic is a Serbian-born avant-garde designer. She is known to make dresses in shiny fabrics (silk and satin) with Empire cuts and retro embellishments (poufs, trains, fur). Her line debuted in London, 2005 as part of Topshop's New Generation initiative. What makes Ilincic's collections even more unique, is the fact that her clothes are hand sewn. Her collections have won praise from critics like Vogue, to the likes of fashionistas across the globe (i.e., Margherita Missoni and Kate Hudson). For a small, up-n-coming label, She has also done well commercially in the U.K.

When Hard & Soft Collide Beautifully

I love the jewelry pieces, they are edgy but at the same time glam enough to wear with any ensemble. The feathered shoulder pads I prob couldn't pull off, but either way it works! Lastly, I liked the execution of the sequin feather mixed dress. [Spring 2010 London Fashion Week]


Duro Olowu THIS is iT

idk what went wrong with the rest of his collection but this, Duro Olowu is what I loved! Luxe prints & crisp silhouettes could do no wrong in my book! : ) [Spring 2010 London Fashion Week]

Must have booties!

Charlotte Olympia suede booties...I'm in lust with the gold platform and tassles! Not a fan of spiders but the gold web emblem on the back is pretty dope!


Thriller in tha night!

Instant shoegasm when my eyes laid sight on these Jimmy Choo beauties!!! The heels auto light up when you walk.... Talk about thrillin' these bois in the night! Ya'll already kno which pair I would cop...rainbow-brizite! Yes indeed... Shux! I want the black ones too!!! Lol. Those shoes are lighting up my life right now... They're a must have!!!

I always liked Ash better...

Ashlee Simpson at Coco de Mer.... I love both ladies looks! ESP ashlee's it's sexy but not so in ur face' I would love to wear it but being that I'm a size C pushing D... I'm sure I would turn a completly innocent outfit into something pin-up ish! Ahhh u A-B cups can get away w/ anything...I hate you! I kidd.. I kiddd!

Matthew Williamson

[Spring 2010 London Fashion Week]

I'm in Miami Trickkk!

No, not really but I'd like to be! That's like one of my fave places ever......anywayz these Williamson looks have the capitol of sexy written all over them....enjoy! [Spring 2010 London Fashion Week]

UP Close...& I wanna get personal!

With these hot statement pieces...who could resist?! There was a lack of jewelry shown on London runways, but I must say I was impressed to see this....I would love to sport one of these baubles in the beautiful summer sun.... This is bright done right! As for the bag and top... I'll take those too! ; ) [Spring 2010 London Fashion Week]