Happy New Year Sexies....

"I wanted a perfect ending. Now I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next...Delicious Ambiguity"


You Seduce Me, I Seduce You!

♥One of my fave trends right now is thigh highs worn in the street...pair w/ a garter belt, to up the ante'♥

★He on the other hand, just might have to take off a few clothes for a LiL SEDUCTION [lol]★

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Givenchy Spring 2010

...So Many fave looks, So little space! lol. Since i had to narrow it down, Here are my top 6 looks...
Givenchy has me craving for Spring 2010!!!

I take away from his latest offerings...

  • Sheer draped tops (very sexy, esp. if the see through pt is strategically placed )
  • Futuristic inspired asymmetrical cuts
  • Stripes, stripes, & more stripes!!!/ Linear prints (try not to stare too hard, you might get dizzy..lol)
  • Color blocking with prints and solids (really makes design details POP!)
  • Zero accessories! (the main focus is the silhouette of garment)
  • Plunging necklines (mainly in a "V"- shape variation)
  • Draped tapered pants (they arent going anywhere!!!)
  • Layering various sizes of pleated ruffles asymmetrically (see skirt...im in ♥)
  • Emphasis on the hips...(Many of the looks gives those of us who weren't blessed with curves, a sleek illusion : D)
  • Each piece has an added touch of volume (May it be layering, draping, or cut)
  • The Balmain-esque shoulders are slowly starting to get toned down... (Thank You!)

Give Me Wedges!!!!

....Givenchy has set the tone this spring, serving up a full dosage/ variety of killer wedges. I cant stop staring at them, they are all SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Some 1 send me a pair....xoxo : D

Couture Lust...

Vogue Italia 2009

Vogue Germany 2010

Backstage @ Dior

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Feel Free to Ask me Anything....

lol just dont get too personal! haha i like to keep my private life private....Anywhoo i created my formspring account today... If you lovelies have any questions you want to ask, just Get @ Me!! I'll try to answer as quickly as possible...Also I added a widget in the sidebar under 411 for your convenience...xoxo

DIY Sexy Summer Tee

I know most of us in the Midwest, East coast area wont be able to rock a tee like this until the weather gets warmer (unless layered)...However, I just couldn't resist posting this HOT creation!!! I want to make a couple so by the time summer comes they'll be ready to debut...If any of you try, keep me posted i'd love to see your take...

*UPDATE* This is also inspirational...+StyleSightings


Leather & Denim...x Lust....

+Jak&Jil Blog

One of these days im gonna do a DIY version of these skinnies!!! Arent they cute?! i want a pair ASAP.....

Liya Kebede Shows you How to Break it Down!

+Photography Alexi Lubomirski

Ive def had my eyes on Ethiopian Model Liya Kebede lately....Her work IS phenomenal!!!

I Would Wear This Tee on All Shitty Days

Its only 18 bucks....here


Merry Christmas.....


"Queen on the thrown,
Trynna tame the crazy....
Cant predict the future, nor control the present
Misunderstood by so many..
Lonely hearts around her weigh heavy.
She'd rather dance, dance then take a chance
puff 1, puff 2, puff 3
Her king is nowhere to be found..
as the pauper waits in vein
she remains sane
the same.
only thinking of herself, no one else..."



Fran├žoise Nielly creates some amazing massive portraits!!! As you can see above, she uses a limitless color palette. The images are strikingly bold, and the detail is immaculate. Her work became very inspirational to me when I viewed a video of her painting. To see someone so passionate doing what they love is incredible. The results = irreplaceable! I'd love to see my face on one of her miraculous creations!! xoxo.

Street Style Spotlight: Tahti

I present to you...Tahti Syrjala, 18 y.o. fashion maven from Ireland. Not only is she stylish, Tahti blogs some pretty delicious recipes, and does some stellar runway-worthy makeup. Just recently, she was featured on WhoWhatWhere. I seriously think she could be a model if she wanted to, she has ("the look"). Above are some of my fave ensembles shes displayed thus far...I wish her much success! Check out her blog here,

....Sickest Shit I Eva Seen...

Ok, so one of my dream cars is the Mercedes Benz...when i stumbled across this beauty on the net my heart immediately skipped a beat! Anyone that knows me, could tell you i loveeeee anything sparkly...Im talking crystals, gems, sequins, diamonds, etc. This is like killing two birds w/ one stone! The luxurious life, must be nice....

+More info here


Will Die For....

Spring 2010

My fave looks.......

I've been meaning to post LANVINS S2010 collection for a while now, just never got around to organizing my imagery! lol. I AM DEF IN LOVEEEEEE... The construction of his clothes are forever timeless in my eyes!

I take away from his latest offerings...
  • A new approach on drapery (be slouchy, yet elegant!)
  • Asymmetry (see necklines, draping)
  • Not to be afraid to get GAUDY!!! (Do you notice how a majority of the jewelry is layered on the most embellished pieces?)
  • Go BLACK, Stay in ALL BLACK! (the silhouette looks much more emphasized, and really makes a statement... w/o the "extra-ness")
  • Clinched waist (ALWAYS! : )
  • Penciled skirts...Loose fitting tapered pants!!! (HOT!)
  • Emphasis on ankles (is it me, or does shoes w/straps make your ankles look so much smaller?!)
  • Minimal makeup (the clothes are a statement in themselves...lets keep it simple ppl)
  • One piece anything (jumpers etc.) inst going anywhere!!!! Neither is the "power" shoulder.
Effortless Style! ; )

I Spy.......

Eccentric Accessories!!!

  • Layered chokers, chains, cuffs, and rings on just about anything! (Are anklets back?! lol)
  • Embellishments (jewelry, clothes, shoes)
  • Leather long glove worn on one hand
  • Symbolism - Snakes - A Modern Egyptian feel...
  • Precious metals miXed (who said gold & silver dosent go?!)
  • MeSsY runway hair!! (For some reason I can never get mine to look 1/2 way decent)
  • HUGE Statement pieces that can be worn w/ just about Anything, Any style!!! = VERSATILITY : )

Find more of my fave Spring 2010 looks...

+Runway images courtesy of Style.com
+RemiXed by Me.


Sizzling Complex


Zoe Saldana for Marck Ecko's COMPLEX Mag. [Jan 2010]

I am luvin the futuristic theme of the shoot (as usual). But what I love even more is that many of the pieces shes wearing are actually wearable...So not only is this shoot inspirational, the look is somewhat attainable. BEAUTIFUL!

Behind the Scenes: