Mark Fast -[gone]- WRONG

Mark Fast is a fairly new designer who decided to feature plus sized models on his runway... It created a lot of uproar and in the process his show stylist went as far as to quit on him. Honestly, I don't see what the big fuss is about i'm all for more diversity on the runway wether it's bigger, more petite, or ethnic models! Change is good... The only problem I had with his use of plus sized models is that he didn't execute properly. A majority of his looks consisted of skin tight hosiery like clothing, with strategically placed holes all over the place. Its also, obvious when he designed the clothes, he had the skinny girl in mind...the poor girls looked as if they were stuffed in the garmets!! (sadbuttrue) As a stylist, I would have liked to see the PS Models in something that was made to compliment their shape and highlight their assets more... They are just as gorgeous as the "reg" models and should have been showcased such as....[Spring 2010 London Fashion Week]

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