Im so excited for London Fashion Week!!! In fact, I love it more than New Yorks! Sad but TRUE!! Lolz the first show I decided to peep out was Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke. I remember reading a feature on them awhile ago in WWD. I was immediatly fascinated by their exotic prints and theatrical take on RTW in gravity-defying proportions.

Basso & Brooke are up-n-coming designers who met ironically at a nightclub in London. They have worked with celebs such as: Rihanna, Jamie-Lynn Siegler, and Beyoncé Knowles. Their line launched in 2003 but didn't debut in Londons Fashion Week until 2005. Their peices can be bought at Neiman Marcus.

I have my eye on these talented men...they are a true inspiration! : ) I really hope their label thrives and succeeds...below, you already know the drill!!! My FAVES from this years Spring RTW 2010. Enjoy! [Spring 2010 London Fashion Week]

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