Balmain this yr...

I've been meaning to drop this post for a while now, but it breaks my heart everytime I see his latest collection....Last yr Chris Decarins show was one of the best Paris fashion wk had to offer! He gave me glam, and had every party girl, socialite chic rocking his looks from head to toe' So there's no surprise how much I anticipated 2010's collection... Instead of over the top looks, Decarin opted for a more laid back collection filled w/ lame, leather, shredded, holey, DIY looks! His latest effort isn't bad... But I'd rather see talented designers such as him bring it every yr! In this industry your only as good as your last collection so I feel each yr on the runway should be a banger! Out-do yourself.... {the motto I live by} [Spring 2010 Paris Fashion Week]

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