Will Die For....

Spring 2010

My fave looks.......

I've been meaning to post LANVINS S2010 collection for a while now, just never got around to organizing my imagery! lol. I AM DEF IN LOVEEEEEE... The construction of his clothes are forever timeless in my eyes!

I take away from his latest offerings...
  • A new approach on drapery (be slouchy, yet elegant!)
  • Asymmetry (see necklines, draping)
  • Not to be afraid to get GAUDY!!! (Do you notice how a majority of the jewelry is layered on the most embellished pieces?)
  • Go BLACK, Stay in ALL BLACK! (the silhouette looks much more emphasized, and really makes a statement... w/o the "extra-ness")
  • Clinched waist (ALWAYS! : )
  • Penciled skirts...Loose fitting tapered pants!!! (HOT!)
  • Emphasis on ankles (is it me, or does shoes w/straps make your ankles look so much smaller?!)
  • Minimal makeup (the clothes are a statement in themselves...lets keep it simple ppl)
  • One piece anything (jumpers etc.) inst going anywhere!!!! Neither is the "power" shoulder.
Effortless Style! ; )

I Spy.......

Eccentric Accessories!!!

  • Layered chokers, chains, cuffs, and rings on just about anything! (Are anklets back?! lol)
  • Embellishments (jewelry, clothes, shoes)
  • Leather long glove worn on one hand
  • Symbolism - Snakes - A Modern Egyptian feel...
  • Precious metals miXed (who said gold & silver dosent go?!)
  • MeSsY runway hair!! (For some reason I can never get mine to look 1/2 way decent)
  • HUGE Statement pieces that can be worn w/ just about Anything, Any style!!! = VERSATILITY : )

Find more of my fave Spring 2010 looks...

+Runway images courtesy of Style.com
+RemiXed by Me.


Dylana said...

The looks at Lanvin are so luxurious! i am so in love!


the gorgeous said...

that's a stunning collection! LOVE LANVIN! ;)

snoblak said...

I love Lanvin. Alongside Givenchy and YSL in terms of wearing black and asymmetrical cut clothes.

Kassie said...

I love this collection. I think that each and every piece is beautiful in its own way.

Stolen Stiletto

kam. said...

I love Lanvin a lot ! It's so beautiful, gorgeous and fashionable. (mm)
And i like your blog - i wish you good luck!

with love,


Eternally Fixated said...

Girl, I loveeeee your blog!!!!

Pls check out our Fashion/Celebrity Gossip blog

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

love your writing style and AMAZING images! fab fab blog! come take a sneaky peek and follow us if you fancy! we'll definitely be back here.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Raez said...

loved that collection, the green dress is to die for;)

xx raez

Niki B. said...

oh man I hear ya - this was one of my favourite collections by far. Soooo good. Alber is amazing. I'm so obsessed with the shoe chains too I even tried to make my own. hahahaa.

xo Niki

Anonymous said...

i go gaga over Lanvin, simply gorgeous!

The Starving Stylist said...

I freakin love Lanvin. Alber Elbaz did an amazing job on this collection and the accessories are just to die for. . .shit, for a guy, I'd rock it if I could!

p.s. Thanks for all the kind comments you left on my blog! Thats sweet of you and I appreciate the love and advice. Thanks gorgeous! xoxo


Ashley said...

Great post! Lanvin was def. one of my favorite spring '10 collections.


Stacy said...

love the third black dress, the orange and the green one! great choices, sooo beautiful