That Rihanna Reign Just Wont Let Up....

Showing off her latest tat..."Never a failure. Always a Lesson" I've noticed she likes to wear multiple rings on one hand (like Mr.Lagerfeld) & that damn leather Village People hat! lol the look is still fab nonetheless.... (if anything she makes me want one!)

I'm way inspired by this get up! Here she is shooting a seen for her "Hard" vid. Now I wouldn't wear this look walking the streets, but it would be cute on the beach or perhaps in between the sheets... (haha who dosent like a little role play)

A Catsuit and a uber cozy Chanel sweater...Who said you couldnt be warm and sexy?!

Rated R release party...Gold Spiked dress...Louboutin Heels...im SPEECHLESS!

Rated R release party...Accessorized shoulders...never fails!

Shoulder detail again speaking volumes for itself...

Now this is what you call a ferosh winter coat!!! ....

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