"Queen on the thrown,
Trynna tame the crazy....
Cant predict the future, nor control the present
Misunderstood by so many..
Lonely hearts around her weigh heavy.
She'd rather dance, dance then take a chance
puff 1, puff 2, puff 3
Her king is nowhere to be found..
as the pauper waits in vein
she remains sane
the same.
only thinking of herself, no one else..."


The Starving Stylist said...

I absolutely love the first image. Anyways, Merry Xmas and Happy holidays gorgeous xoxo


aRRe said...

Great Artwork!!

- Merry Christmas ;)

nuha nuha said...

i like youbb;]. you like lanvin. and we both lust for the chanel quilted bags.

yeap we're in the same boat all right haha.

bisous dear, nice blog.